Unemployed Celebrating (?) Trip 〜Bali and Jakarta〜

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So, I was almost leaving my office and decided to make a trip for a week before a really quit the job.
Now let me restart reporting of the later half, my trip to Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bali is famous enough as a resort in Asia but not really for going there alone.
Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia but the city is more for business than for leisure.

However, I had to make a transfer at these two cities.
Then, time permits, I wanted to visit the both.

I thought, “Indonesia, there won’t be any difficulties compared to Timor-leste” but
no, this was wrong.
Traveling Indonesia alone was not that easy for me.
It was an adventure!

1. Both is not a place for a traveler without any companies

I was talked many locals in both of the cities but everyone asked me that,
“Are you traveling alone? Really?”.
They were surprised.
It can’t help since my friends are working during the weekdays!

2. Very kind people

Everywhere I go , someone asked me like,
“Where do you want to go?”
May be this was that I was alone with a big back pack dressing not so nicely lol.

There was this gentle man who really helped me once.
I arrived at a big station from the Jakarta Airport by bus but
I could not find where on earth I was.
My map was completely useless since I am terrible with geography.
One thing I knew was I was not that far from the hotel so I can walk there
and I wanted to because I though I can see the city better on foot than by taxi.
However, once I got off from the bus, drivers came up to me saying, “take my taxi” or “take my bus” or something like that and it was a little bit scary.
I was confused but this gentle man asked me if I was Japanese and showed my way,
even teaching me some survival Indonesian phrases.
I could not to anything but thanking him at that time so I shook hands strongly and went my way.
I ‘ve walked around several cities but I feel that Jakarta had the most kind attitude toward tourists on road.

3. A City where you cannot walk

I think you cannot walk around this city.
This learnings was may be the most shocking thing during my whole trip.
I thought maybe there is no words or phrases like “stroll” or ” have a walk” in Indonesian language lol.

I think below may be the reasons.

One. Many stores are spreading out to the side-walk freely and blocking the pedestrians way.

Two. If you try to keep walking the street, since cars or motorcycles are running in a high-speed and the traffic is very heavy, it is very scary.

Three. You will be said like, “have a ride!” from the drivers once in 3 steps (exaggerate?)
so you will be soon tired of ignoring or saying “no thanks” to them.

Four. No traffic lights.
I rarely saw traffic lights or cross walks.
If there is, drivers just go their way so we pedestrians have to go our way as well because
if not you will never reach your destination.

It was not once that I thought I will get hit lol.
Cars won’t keep a safe distance to us but approach leaving a paper-thin space between me and them (another exaggeration?)

The last is the temperature.
It is very sunny and hot so you won’t be eager to walk around for a long time.

I like to walk around the city to know the place so this ” difficult to walk” part was the only sad thing I thought of this city.



It’s not an accident

Another scene I was about this picture.

This is like a car accident scene but inside of the confusion,
there was a boy controlling the traffic and gaining coins.
I thought this is too dangerous for him.
I had no idea if he is doing this voluntary or her parents ask him to but
I didn’t want to see him using his time like this, confronting to danger.

4. Beautiful points

Soon after I arrived at Bali, I took a taxi to Uluwatu Temple located on the very west of the south Bali island.
Unfortunately, thick clouds were covering the sky so I could not watch a red sunset but even so, the temple had a nice view and exotic atmosphere.

I enjoyed a lot of this place but an accident happened.

I forgot my iPad somewhere during my visit to this Temple.
I didn’t realize until I came back to the hotel.
I think it was in the taxi… but I am not sure.
My iPad turned to be a souvenir to Bali from me.


People were waiting for dance exhibition on the other end


broad view!

There were beautiful beaches as well.

There were no tourists at this beautiful beach somehow.
This beach was at Jimbaran.
I recommend this place to people who are not interested in swimming.


white sands, blue sky and transparent water.


Pineapple juice was… wonderful!


So my trip was about to end but one more drama was there.

My flight back to Tokyo was around 23:00.
I wanted to take a taxi but at that time people were hurrying to their home so
the traffic were even more heavy.
It seemed there were no space in front of me for vacant taxis stopping by.

I tried but didn’t succeed to catch any taxis so I asked help for a police officer who was standing very close to me.

“excuse me, I would like to take a taxi but I don’t know how”
This question seems to be a very stupid one but it was my true feeling lol.
he said and started blowing his whistle in a strong tone
and stopped all the cars and buses.
Soon a taxi came right in front of me and I felt as if I were a VIP.

Indonesian people are very kind to a person in trouble, I felt from the bottom of my heart.

So my trip ended like this.
This script turned to be a quite long one but I hope my international readers enjoyed it.

Lastly, I want to give some tips for your visit to Indonesia.

  1. Flight from Haneda Airport to Denpasar (Bali) is very convenient
    This flight from Garuda Indonesia Airlines leaves at midnight so you can head to the airport after your work and just sleep during the trip. You will arrive early in the morning so not so many people are stuck at the VOA(Visa on arrival) lines.
    You can fully enjoy the day without less stress.
  2. Time management of VOA is important
    You need to obtain the VOA if you are a tourist.
    It is making a long long line so please be careful if you have a connecting flight.
    2 hours may be not enough.
  3. ASK them if you are not sure.
    I have an impression that I didn’t see many signs for tourists such as the ticket counter or taxi pulls. You have to ask if the information that you want to have is not there. Everyone will help you kindly.
  4. Tax should be paid in IDR when you leave the country.
    These days airport tax are included in your air ticket but Indonesia, no.
    Be careful to keep you IDR when you leave Indonesia.
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