Month: February 2015

Birds and Flowers

We didn’t expect that Kakegawa Kachoen (park of birds and flowers) was this exciting.  (Amazing, she was running and hopping around from leaves to leaves on the pool of lotus)   Don’t miss the bird show!

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Feb. 23: Day of Mt. Fuji

I was lucky to find Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain of Japan, although we didn’t have a clear sky yesterday.   I learned that Feb. 23 is designated as the Day of Mt. Fuji from both Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture, the two prefectures who share […]


Chocolate for Who?

(People, people and PEOPLE!) I was so surprised with my friends when we happened to arrive at this floor from one of the popular department stores in Tokyo. People were rushing from counter to counter, shop to shop for boxes of chocolate which probably will […]

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