Kamenoko Tawashi: A 100+ years-old Scrubber

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Japan, Short Cultural Story, Tokyo

IMG_0166Do you know what this is?

It’s a scrubber called Kamenoko Tawashi. You can wash the skin of vegetables, kitchen sinks or kitchen tools like a strainer.
I like this because this make easy to take off the dirt of some vegetables but it won’t hurt them. I heard that this product is popular in Amazon.

The company started selling this product back in 1907.

The scrubber has been loved more than a century and still keep its presence in restaurants or in many Japanese homes. I suppose many homes has two scrubbers: a kitchen sponge and the Kamenoko Tawashi.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2

The name, Kamenoko Tawashi literally means “baby turtle scrubber.” This was named as the inventor found that the shape of the scrubber looked like a baby turtle which his son was playing with.

According to the company, the scrubber is made by hand since the birth till now.
They also say that now made in Sri Lanka and then it has to pass the strict quality check in Japan.

I smelled the scrubber, and felt a very natural smell, something similar with soil.
I learned that the product is made from palm trees.

You can buy this in many super markets throughout Japan but the company runs two shops in Tokyo: at its head quarters and the Yanaka Branch.

Japanese kitchen tool heroes are not only sharp knives but also this palm-size scrubber, Kamenoko Tawashi . (And the one above costs less than 300 JPY≒2.5USD!!)


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