Inside Tsukiji, The “Rough” Traffic and Rulers of The Fish Market

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Japan, Tokyo

I’ve always wanted to see the famous tuna auction held in one of the world largest fish markets, Tsukiji. The market is scheduled to be relocated to a different place this autumn. That made me even more wanting to be there.

So I took a day off and woke up at 4:00 am but… I was already late.


Ok, I live in Tokyo and still have another chance. Lucky me! So I walked around the market and photographed a lot. However, many tourists were focusing on having some good sushi making a long line for the popular restaurants.


Looking around the market is an adventure. Be careful, the traffic is heavy and the workers don’t look that friendly (well, it’s there “office”.) Everything is “rough” but on the way around, I can say this place is uniquely energetic. So much fun to watch how men in the fishery runs the place.


One of the “roughness”s are given by the car called turret (pronounced more like ‘turray’ in Japanese.) They run roads to roads (with no traffic lights!) so fast with a kind of high pitched machine noise. I can’t imagine that I didn’t see any turret accidents today. Not inside but there is the Turret Coffee, that serves good coffee ten minutes walk from the market. A cup of latte will warm you up.


Lastly, here are some images that show the market has a long history. Actually, the early days of the market date back in 1657.


What!? A mountain of old scales!?


To be continued to the next post about outside of the market.

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A photo&travel lover, based in Tokyo. Work as media relations coordinator full-time. Loves to capture a broad landscape of town or nature and a scenery with something old and classic. Started using a film SLR from winter 2016.

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