Tokyo Captured by a QuickSnap Camera

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Japan, Tokyo

 A QuickSnap Camera (single-use camera) from Fujifilm is popular again among young people in nowadays Japan.


A completely analog camera with no zoom lens nor LCD monitor… its revival is difficult to believe in this digitally advanced society but once I looked through all the developed pictures taken by this “film with lens” camera… I was so surprised with the complex shades of colors which are shown in each piece.


the New National Stadium is under construction beyond this wall


The images are not clear but I love the warm atmosphere.




I think I’m going to start learning analog camera.

©︎ 2016 COLORFUL

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A photo&travel lover, based in Tokyo. Work as media relations coordinator full-time. Loves to capture a broad landscape of town or nature and a scenery with something old and classic. Started using a film SLR from winter 2016.

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