Western Style District in Yokohama

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Around Yokohama (Kanagawa Pref.), Japan

A port city, Yokohama has one of the largest China town in Japan. But that’s not the only multicultural aspect of the city.

There is a district called Yamate that preserves western style houses. I know foreign tourists won’t be really interested in this info. (because you want something really Japanese when you visit Japan!) but let me introduce it… because I visited one of them and photographed inside lol.

When the port was opened more than 150 years ago, Yamate was designated as a residential area for foreigners. Many westerners settled then and today, seven of the old houses are preserved as a cultural heritage.


One of the bathrooms of the Berrick Hall

I loved the blue tiles… This is one part of the house of an English trader, B.R.Berrick.

Another photo from his house…


The block checked floor… how modern although it was built in 1930.

The entrance is free to public.



The image above was captured from Osanbashi Pier, accessible on foot from Yamate. I saw Mt. Fuji in between the buildings but could not capture well in this one. The tallest bldg. is Landmark Tower. Yokohama is such a fun city to walk around…

I especially like the broad view of the sky you have.

You cannot really enjoy that in Tokyo… because there are so much tall buildings are squeezed in such a small land.

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A photo&travel lover, based in Tokyo. Work as media relations coordinator full-time. Loves to capture a broad landscape of town or nature and a scenery with something old and classic. Started using a film SLR from winter 2016.

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