Around the Busiest Station in the World -Shinjuku-

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Japan, Tokyo


Over 3.6 million people pass by this station, Shinjuku. Listed as the busiest station on the Guiness World Records.

The photo above shows far less people than the most crowded times.

On the right side, a new bus terminal called “Busta Shinjuku” has been opened this April. A shopping complex called NeWoman is kind of incorporating the terminal.



A view from the observation deck.

The foot of the tower is already Yoyogi. On foot, it won’t take a fifteen minutes walk from Shinjuku Station. I like Yoyogi, because it has much less people here.



The building reminded me of the Flat Iron Building of New York.


Tokyo is often described as a clean city but some places like here… many graffiti (sometimes they are art!), Yoyogi Station.

All photos taken by Olympus OM1 with 28mm F3.5 lens.

©︎ 2016 COLORFUL

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A photo&travel lover, based in Tokyo. Work as media relations coordinator full-time. Loves to capture a broad landscape of town or nature and a scenery with something old and classic. Started using a film SLR from winter 2016.

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