New Year in Japan -2017 ver.

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Japan, Tokyo


Around the New Year’s Day is a good time to visit Japan.

Japanese people become most religious this time of the year. Many people go to shrines or temples to communicate with god/buddha: people thank for all the blessings of the past year and wish for good for the new year. Famous shrines/temples become super crowded from the New year’s Eve.



Not crowded but the shrine was accepting many people.



I accidentaly exposed the film while it was half rewound :’-(

Trying a traditional meal called osechi shall be fun. For conservation, some dishes contain much sugar but a three layer boxed meal is colorful and tasty. You will find lots of ingredients like beans, eggs, shitake mushrooms, fish, meet…


In Kitasenju, an event was going on: carrying around portable shrines for the first time in 2017. I was not able to capture the scene (oops) but found residents in a festive suit.



A man in a festive suit

Usually Japanese festivals are carried in summer or fall and then you see people in those suits and carrying portable shrines. I felt lucky to see these in this winter time.


All photos were taken by Olympus OM1 with 50mm F1.8 Zuiko lens.

©︎ 2017 COLORFUL

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A photo&travel lover, based in Tokyo. Work as media relations coordinator full-time. Loves to capture a broad landscape of town or nature and a scenery with something old and classic. Started using a film SLR from winter 2016.

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