Hi, Olá, thank you for visiting this page.

This website has been launched to share the moments from my travels in all around the world through photography and some short writings. I hope the contents will trigger you to set off for another new journey of yours since I, a travel addict, have been always decided my next destination by amazing images and essays.


Brief introduction of myself:

  • Now working as a media relations coordinator for a foundation which helps foreign journalists to gather news on Japan
  • Offering translation service occasionally between Portuguese/English and Japanese.
    Recent work:
    Translation (Pt/EN to JP) of the captions of the Brazilian/Portuguese illustrators exhibits at Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2015, 2016 and 2017 @Itabashi Art Museum
  • Worked as a tour planner/conductor/sales for a Japanese travel agency for three years and has license of a professional licensed guide of Japan.
  • Lived in Ohio (U.S.A.) and Coimbra (Portugal)
  • Loves traveling. Favorite places: Jungfraujoch, Napoli, Cassis, Timor-leste, Miyakojima and more…!
  • Loves photography! Nikon D3200 is my buddy from September, 2013; Have started using Nikon FE and Olympus OM1, a film camera both borrowed from her father from December, 2016.


The title “Colorful” is from one letter of my name in Japanese character: “彩”

Last updated on September 9, 2017.

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