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Cherry Blossom 2018

  After my long absence from photography, we visited Kitanomaru Garden, one of the gardens of the imperial palace which is open to public, and enjoyed photographing cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms have short life… I hope tourists can enjoy the beauty till next weekend but […]

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Across the Tama River

Across the bridge from Futako-Tamagawa to Futako-Shinchi  (passing by the huge BBQ zone)… (In reality, I had fun there…)   I found another nostalgic area. Photos from sunny Saturday afternoon.  

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Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom

People cherish the beauty of the cherry blossoms at Sumida Park on a cloudy Saturday afternoon.   Friends and families…   couples…   smokers, drunk people…   kids and everyone…     The beauty does not last long…

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Do you know what Satoyama is?

Sato: the residential area of human beings. Usually it is spread in the foot of the mountainous landscape. + Yama: mountain =Satoyama: an area where people and nature coexist.     Noto Peninsula is one of the famous places in Japan for its beautiful satoyama and satoumi*. *Umi: sea. […]


Eating raw

I wonder if there are any foods that Japanese people don’t eat raw. I am not a big fan but some people like to eat chicken meat raw at special restaurants. At barbecue restaurants, many people don’t grill the meat completely but pick it up […]

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Sakura (cherry blossoms) Hunting

Although it is still cold in the morning and night, spring has come to Tokyo because on Monday, Mar. 23, there was an official announcement from the Japan Meteorological Agency, “Cherry blossoms have started to bloom.” The organization send out this information when they find […]


Toranomon Hills

A huge sculpture welcomed me on this sunny day with blue sky at Toranomon Hills. Opened in 2014, this building has restaurants, cafes and a hotel   I like this place because it has lots of chairs and benches in/out side the building. You can […]

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