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A Redeveloped Area: Futakotamagawa

If you go across the river called Tamagawa, it’s already Kanagawa Pref., so the left side, Futakotamagawa, is the most southern part of Tokyo. I’m very familiar to this area because I’ve visited here when I visit my grandparent in my childhood. They live at one […]

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Tokyo Captured by a QuickSnap Camera

 A QuickSnap Camera (single-use camera) from Fujifilm is popular again among young people in nowadays Japan. A completely analog camera with no zoom lens nor LCD monitor… its revival is difficult to believe in this digitally advanced society but once I looked through all the […]

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Chocolate for Who?

(People, people and PEOPLE!) I was so surprised with my friends when we happened to arrive at this floor from one of the popular department stores in Tokyo. People were rushing from counter to counter, shop to shop for boxes of chocolate which probably will […]

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Love for Sushi

Visiting a sushi restaurant for me is a kind of ‘a petite luxury’. I cannot often visit sushi restaurants because it will cost you certain amount of money. Even in Japan, to have good sushi is expensive. This Saturday, I had a sushi night at […]

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